250 Years of "Pharmacy Research" Mirrored in One Pocket-Sized Garden

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Backyard Healing Herbs

Backyard Healing Herbs physical book

In this book you will find out how to live without the side effects of traditional remedies by using nature's bounty.

We will show you how to grow your own remedies in your own backyard, no matter how large or small your garden area is, regardless of your “gardening experience”.

Backyard Healing Herbs is a 260 full-pages real-life book, you can refer day after day, and even pass down to your children as an heirloom.

With over 25+ plants and plants-based remedies and 15 combined recipes, this book will correct at least some of the most glaring problems associated with using herbs for health and wellness.

Besides that, "Backyard Healing Herbs" tells you the Do's and Don'ts When Growing a Healing Garden.

So Why You Should Have a “Backyard Healing Garden”? Because you will find out:

You may be doing more harm than good using traditional remedies


If you have been using commercial pills, teas, or other supplements, it is very important to realize that you may be doing more harm than good. Regardless of whether you buy a product that is certified organic or not, you never know where the plants were actually grown.

This book is dedicated to helping you get the most out of herbal remedies. We aim to show you the hidden factors that may be preventing you from actually using herbs for maximum benefit.

5 Reasons Why Herbal Gardening is Easier than Conventional Gardening

In these challenging times, food and drug safety are just two reasons why more people are interested in sustainable home gardening. Perhaps at an even simpler level, it is easy enough to see that flood, tornadoes, droughts, or massive forest fires that obliterate entire cities in a single day do not bode well in terms of crop production or animal farming.

In this book you will find out what are the 5 reasons why you will be better served by starting off with herbs and then moving on to grow fruits and vegetables.

12 Do’s and Don'ts
When Growing a Healing Garden


Growing a medicinal herbal garden may just be one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Not only will this garden be one of the best means to ensure your well-being during and after a major social collapse, it also offers the key to sustainable food production in a home setting

Given how important it is to get your medicinal garden off to a good and successful start, it will be worth your while to pay careful attention to the dos and don’ts; and we created a list with 12 of them especially for you.

Why You Shouldn't Overload Your Garden With Endless Varieties of Herbs

Plants and flowers

Unless you have several acres of land to devote just to your herb garden, it is not possible to grow all these herbs sustainably. Therefore, it is very important to narrow your list down based on the most critical needs and the plants that will fit best in the area that you have available

Backyard Healing Herbs will show you exactly how to select YOUR herbs.

3 Amazing Ways to Grow a Healing Garden

plant liquid remedies

In Backyard Healing Herbs you will find out the best methods to create your healing garden, so that you can make more efficient and productive long-range plans.

We prepared 3 amazing inexpensive and easy projects, ready to be tackled by anyone. Each project have different types, advantages, but also disadvantages depending on the area where you live and your possibilities.

In Backyard Healing Herbs you will find everything you need to know: from soil to compost, to containers, to seeds and pollination, to a really detailed DIY project for each type of Healing Garden.

25+ PLANTS and


Find out all the plants that I consider important in treating some of the most common conditions. For each plant, I will give the most common name, alternative, less common names by which the plant is known, its scientific name, a brief description, mode of action for each disease, recipes, and information on how it can be obtained.

For example:

  • How This One "Miracle Plant" Helps Support Healthy Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Levels
  • The "Sunshine Surprise" Remedy with 3 Power-Packed Herbal Flowers
  • Why This One Herb, Scientifically Researched By The Michigan University Of Health Is A Bullet-Proof Pain Relief Remedy With Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Why This Dandelion Tea Recipe Blend Will Be Your Go-To Remedy for Intestinal Issues... like Constipation, Diarrhea, Gas, and Bloating.
  • How To Blend Purple Passionflower To Quickly Calm A Palpitating Heart
  • The Strange "Ginger" Recipe The University of Exeter Proved Can Help Treat Nausea & Vomiting
  • The PMS-Busting Recipe That Helps Send "Aunt Flo" Packing When That Time Of The Month Comes Knocking!

Everything needed to keep s family healthy, strong, and protected from the side effects of traditional remedies.

+ 4 Bonuses Included for FREE and
24/7 Support

First you will get Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans. (valued at $12)

In it you will find out that Native Americans had powerful, centuries-old healing remedies long before Europeans showed up.

They expertly utilized natural resources like mullein, mint, saloli gatoga, valerian root, wild black cherry, witch hazel, geranium, and willow bark. You'll discover a host of Native American Healing Secrets.

Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans book
*Digital Product

The second exclusive bonus you’ll receive is called Wild Edibles. (valued at $14)
You'll discover how to spot edible mushrooms - and the ones to avoid like the plague. You'll learn how to easily identify edible tulips, berries, nuts, and more.

Even if you're in a desert area, you'll know how to easily pick out safe food sources like prickly pear cactus, saguaro cactus, desert Christmas cactus, chia sage, agave, pinyon pine, mesquite, cholla cactus, and yucca.

Wild Edibles book
*Digital Product

The third bonus you'll get is Veggies You Can Grow in Your Backyard for Self-Sufficiency. (valued at $11)

This critical Special Guide covers how to grow some of the most healthy AND hearty foods that do better than MOST backyard gardens at supplying plentiful food for your family.

Veggies You Can Grow in Your Backyard for
                                    Self-Sufficiency book
*Digital Product

And lastly the fourth bonus is called The Shoe Box Garden. (valued at $12)

With this bonus you'll have brilliantly creative strategies to leverage hanging baskets, running planters, and genius tips for vertical gardening. We've also included the 14 best vegetables that thrive in small spaces.

This guide is a must-have for anyone with limited square footage!

The Shoe Box Garden book
*Digital Product

The Backyard Healing Herbs

Books price table

Here's our promise: if someone can read a table of contents... and follow simple directions...

They'll have everything needed to make their very own "pocket sized Garden of Eden"... and have a "forever fruitful" source of healing herbs and remedies.

If anyone wants to avoid spending hours and hours a week bending, weeding, watering and working...

... if anyone wants to be "pharmacy" independent...

... if anyone wants 100% natural and trustworthy ingredients...

... if anyone wants healthy, effective remedies at their fingertips

... and if anyone's ever wanted a simple, easy, and fun way to create an unlimited all-natural "medicine cabinet" ...

Then those prayers have been answered.

Opened book

Backyard Healing Herbs is an heirloom quality book - worthy of passing down to the next generation...

With detailed step-by-step instructions to plant, grow, and maintain...

A "pocket sized garden" that produces the plants, herbs, and remedies every American family needs and deserves.

It's a step by step, newbie-friendly system that puts God's honest herbs and remedies at your fingertips in a matter of days... not weeks, months, or years...

Book Cover

So anyone can confidently address virtually any family's health needs...

And slash monthly medication bills to near zero...

All while saving your valuable time.

Most of all... it will give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your family is getting the best nature has to offer.

"Backyard Healing Herbs" is chock-full of specialized knowledge handed down from generation to generation...

Saving months of painful trial and error.

Keep-the-book Money-Back Guarantee!

Get the book. Look it over and try it out for 60 days.

If you've ever read a table of contents... you have everything it takes to make this system work for you.

We insist that you MUST be completely thrilled with how easy it is to create your own pocket-size healing garden...

Opened book

But if you're not... simply email us and tell us you're unhappy...

And we'll issue you a full refund with no hassle and zero questions asked.

What's more... you don't even have to send the book back.

About Donna Nicholson

Donna Nicholson

Donna Nicholson is a wife and a mother. She has a part-time job at an insurance company, but also, she is a survival and gardening author at Survivpedia. She lives a simple life in the Midwest. She and her family attend church when they can.

Donna had many of the same health challenges most Americans have.

She struggled with high cholesterol, her husband has high blood pressure, while one of her kids has allergies and another struggles with ADHD.

Donna Nicholson

She likes to say, "we're pretty much like many American families."

And like most American families, trips to the pharmacy for prescription meds were a regular occurrence.

Donna decided to write this book after an encounter with a beautiful grandma, that saved her life by helping her with plant-based remedies.

What other people say about Backyard Healing Herbs


It's a very nice book.

"I already knew a lot of what's in here, so I plan to give it as a gift to someone who's interested in learning."



This book has some great information.

"Has helped me to understand the medical concepts and benefits. Some I use to cook with but to realize that I can make tea out of them is great information."

-Jocelyn Orr-Thompson


Its straight forward and practical.

"It uses all the common herbs that I use. It's hard to find a guide that breaks down the basics, as books always assume you have prior knowledge. "


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